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Xisco Bonilla, Acupuncturist, Masseuse and Naturopath since 1995.

His holistic perception of health begins at a very young age, practicing the different techniques of naturopathy following the indications of the great Spanish Trophologist, Nicolás Capó. At the age of twenty, he directs his concerns towards meditation and Zen, beginning in the practice of Kendo. Since 1995, with an already fully holistic and energetic vision of the human being, Xisco begins to offer its services, first as a Naturopath, Phytotherapist and Trophologist (Institution of Higher Studies in Naturopathy and Bioculture) in an herbalist shop in Palma (Majorca) and later opening his own practice, in which he adds Acupuncture, Massage, reflexology and DLM Lymphatic Drainage  (Imita 1996 and Natural & Psychic Sciences Institute 1996). He complements his training with Reiki (1993), Kinesiology Touch For health (1996), Homeopathy (Dr. Reckeweg Lab. 1997, DPH 2004), Schüssler Biosalts (Training received directly by the Ld. In pharmacy Mr. José Luis Vázquez Colomina, maximum connoisseur in Spain of this therapy, 1995), Oligotherapies (Dietakés 1999, Dietbel 2006), Chiromassage (Euroinnova 2019), Acupuncture in sport and aesthetic (Euroinnova 2020),  Aesthetic Acupuncture Whitelotus system (Whitelotus 2020), Veterinary acupuncture (Euroinnova 2021), EFT Acupuncture (La Danza de la Sabiduría 2021), ), Distal Acupucture Distal for the Pain tratment (Acupuntura Distal 2022), Terapia Estructural 2023.

Member of the Practitioner's Register, Fundación Europea de MTCI nº: PR: 3833-12112

Member of APENB, Asociación Profesional Española de Naturopatía y Bioterapia ®

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The best personalized customer service Disposable materials. Sterilized single-use needles. Maximum hygiene. Natural oils and creams of the highest quality. Satisfaction guaranteed

The material:

Massage Materials Home service with stretcher. Disposable stretcher sheets. Natural sweet almond oils, with or without essential oils (depending on the type of massage).

Natural massage creams, of the highest quality, with or without odor, specific to also use on tattooed skin.

Cupping, massage with glass or vacuum suction cups, in consultation or at home. Hot volcanic stone massage at home and in consultation.

Acupuncture / Auriculotherapy Materials Home service with stretcher. Disposable stretcher sheets. Sterilized, single-use and disposable acupuncture and auriculotherapy needles.

Electroacupuncture and detection of points with specific stimulators at home and in consultation. Auriculotherapy seeds. Magnetic auriculotherapy balls. Suction vacuum cups. Hot glass suction cups. Pure natural or smokeless Moxa. Hot needle.