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Aesthetic Acupuncture

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One of the most effective applications of acupuncture is precisely aesthetic acupuncture, also called cosmetic acupuncture

The skin recovers smoothness and luminosity in a few sessions thanks to the effect this technique produces on circulation in the applied area.


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What is aesthetic acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a millennial technique used for health care. The joint use of acupuncture and aesthetics has given positive results, stimulating the body and improving the appearance of people in order to delay as much as possible the signs of cellular aging, such as wrinkles or body sagging.

Its use gained strength when it began to be used in facial paralysis treatments, where it became clear how, in addition to improving muscle mobility, it improved muscle tone and sagging face.

What are the benefits of aesthetic acupuncture?

Its use causes a natural lifting effect that does not alter facial expression like other treatments.

The cosmetic acupuncture is a painless technique that does not need recovery period and can be performed in consultation or at home.

Reduces facial stress.

Improves muscle tone of both the face and body.

Improves drooping eyelids.

Reduces excess coloration and skin pigmentation.

Brings luminosity to the complexion.

Reduces pore size.

Stimulates collagen production.

Helps decrease the jowl.

Delays the onset of signs of facial aging.

In addition to the above, aesthetic acupuncture increases body energy and contributes to weight loss and improved digestion.

What are aesthetic acupuncture sessions like?

Whether applied in consultation or at home, an aesthetic acupuncture session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and may vary depending on the state of the area to be treated.

It usually starts with 5 continuous sessions, up to 10, which is the usual number of sessions for aesthetic acupuncture treatments.

specific acupuncture needles are placed at specific points of the person depending on the area to be treated, after assessment by the acupunctur. The needles used are sterile, single-use, and very thin, so that they can be inserted accurately and quickly, so that the person almost does not perceive their placement, and are left placed for as long as they deem appropriate the acupunctual, usually less than 45 minutes.

After removing the needles, the session is terminated with a facial massage that helps to tone the face while helping to tone the treated points,, which favors the relaxation of the person and stimulates circulation in the massaged area.

Acupuncture sessions do not require any recovery period, so the person who has received the treatment can immediately return to their daily activities.

As sessions continue, the positive outcome of the sessions, which is cumulative, will be observed.

To be taken into account:

Before an acupuncture session it is not advisable to eat copiously, nor is alcohol or toxic substances indicated during the time this technique is applied.

In case of pregnancy the acupunctur will assess whether the application of the technique is feasible, as it may induce childbirth. 

Areas where we provide on-site services:

Aesthetic acupuncture in Alaró

Aesthetic acupuncture in Alcudia

Aesthetic acupuncture in Algaida

Aesthetic acupuncture at Andratx

Aesthetic acupuncture in Ariany

Aesthetic acupuncture in Artá

Aesthetic acupuncture in Banyalbufar

Aesthetic acupuncture in Binissalem

Aesthetic acupuncture in Búger

Aesthetic acupuncture at Bunyola

Aesthetic acupuncture in Calviá

Aesthetic acupuncture at Campanet

Aesthetic acupuncture in Campos

Aesthetic acupuncture in Capdepera

Aesthetic acupuncture in Consell

Aesthetic acupuncture at Costitx

Aesthetic acupuncture in Deyá

Aesthetic acupuncture in Escorca

Aesthetic acupuncture in Spore

Aesthetic acupuncture at Estellencs

Aesthetic acupuncture at Felanitx

Aesthetic acupuncture at Fornalutx

Aesthetic acupuncture in Inca

Aesthetic acupuncture in Lloret de Vista Alegre

Aesthetic acupuncture in Lloseta

Aesthetic acupuncture in Llubí

Aesthetic acupuncture at Lucmajor

Aesthetic acupuncture in Manacor

Aesthetic acupuncture in Mancor de la Vall

Aesthetic acupuncture in Maria de la Salud

Aesthetic acupuncture in Marratxí

Aesthetic acupuncture in Montuiri

Aesthetic acupuncture in Muro

Aesthetic acupuncture in Palma de Mallorca

Aesthetic acupuncture in Petra

Aesthetic acupuncture in Pollensa

Aesthetic acupuncture in Porreras

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sa Pobla

Aesthetic acupuncture in Puigpunyent

Aesthetic acupuncture at Ses Salines

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sant Joan

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sant Lloren' des Cardassar

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sencelles

Aesthetic acupuncture in Santa Eugenia

Aesthetic acupuncture in Santa Margarita

Aesthetic acupuncture in Santa Maria del Camí

Aesthetic acupuncture in Santanyí

Aesthetic acupuncture in Selva

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sineu

Aesthetic acupuncture in Sóller

Aesthetic acupuncture at Son Servera

Aesthetic acupuncture in Valldemossa

Aesthetic acupuncture at Villafranca de Bonany


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