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Massage is a therapeutic technique widely used worldwide for the treatment and prevention of multiple pathologies. Currently, sports massage is widely used, as it consists of a series of techniques which aim to prepare the athlete before, during and after sports activity, in order to quickly recover his physical condition. As acupunctures we are likely to recommend practicing some type of stimulus at acupuncture points or also at trigger points or trigger points using the dry puncture technique, with electroacupuncture or laser therapy

In an athlete's life, frequent injuries and ailments are often common due to poor training or overburdening of their intensity. This makes visits to the chiroomasajista usually also part of their routines, either to alleviate these ailments, prepare the body before a hard workout or recover it when a great effort has been made.

What is sports massage?

We understand by sports massage a set of massage techniques whose objectives are to prepare the tissues for future effort, prevent future injuries, recover from injuries and improve the condition of muscle tissues after a great competition. That is, the target audience to which this type of treatment is addressed are the athletes who are preparing for a competition, who have just made an intense muscle effort and those with injuries or ailments that need to be repaired. However, sports massage can also be used as maintenance, being an essential part of an athlete's routines.

Types of sports massages

Depending on the specific objective of the massage in question, the techniques and movements will adapt to the situation. In this way, there is a fairly clear classification that differentiates sports massages according to their purpose or objective:

Pre-competition massage

This sports massage is performed before a competition with the aim of preparing the fabrics for a high intensity stress envelope. The best thing for this type of massage is to perform it a few hours before, although the ideal is 15 to 45 minutes before the competition and, with a maximum of 24 hours for the maximum effect to arise. Its purpose is to improve blood supply by activating circulation and neuromuscular excitability. It is made of proximal distal, is a vigorous massage and is performed with deep movements, this massage also seeks to improve contractibility, elasticity and muscle performance preparing it for competition. Thanks to it, we will be able to increase blood circulation and internal muscle temperature.

Recovering massage

In this case, the ultimate goal of massage is to recover tissues and relax muscle, reduce muscle spasms, eliminate lactic acid retention and metabolic residues, provide an emotional balance to the athlete. usually about two hours after intense exercise. Thanks to the recovering sports massage, we will be able to drain metabolic waste, reduce muscle hypertone and increase blood supply, as smooth, slow and deep movements are performed. It is advisable to undergo this type of massage the sooner the better right after the session in question.

Maintenance massage

Even if we do not have any competition, it is advisable to perform maintenance massages on a regular basis to be able to keep the tone of our muscles in an optimal state. Moreover, a maintenance sports massage can also be very useful for detecting possible future injuries, maintaining the natural elasticity of muscle tissue, detecting myalgia areas, etc.

The maintenance massage is a massage that is performed as part of the training routine of athletes, is carried out approximately once a week, lasts approximately forty-five minutes and aims to prevent injuries, prepare the muscles for physical training, locate possible adhesions of myofibrillas caused by muscle micro-traumas, and maintain muscle elasticity.

Benefits of sports massage

Reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation

Relieves pain

Relaxes the muscles

Prepare muscle for sporting activity

It provides a state of emotional balance to the patient or athlete as it decreases anxiety through relaxation.

Prevents injury

Increases muscle temperature

Provides a sense of well-being


Being a vigorous massage we should take into account some contraindications: high blood pressure, vascular lesions, such as deep vein thrombosis or phlebitis. Very sensitive skin prone to irritation, tachycardia, fever, vomiting, neoplasms, diarrhea, unbound fractures, hemophilia. 

Differences in sports massage with other massages

Sports massage seeks the activation of muscle fibers, it is not the same a relaxing massage as a pre-sports massage, in these is sought that the athlete is with all his energy at 100% for competition, generate vasodilation, as well as decrease muscle fatigue, in turn some stronger techniques are used in terms of pressure and depth , as the goal is to reach deep fibers such as muscle fibers.

Unlike a lymphatic drainage in which it is based on surface touches, to mobilize waste substances or a weight-loss massage, in which it seeks to destroy localized or adipocite fat deposits, in these cases techniques such as nud sealing kneading are used in problem areas of the body, accompanied by evacuative emptying

In addition to this sports massage focuses on treating possible injuries that develop in the sports gesture, that is, depending on the type of sport practiced by the athlete will be affected the muscles that are involved in this activity.

Sports Massage at home in*:

Sports Massage in Alaró

Sports Massage in Alcudia

Sports Massage in Algaida

Sports Massage in Andratx

Sports Massage in Ariany

Sports Massage in Artá

Sports Massage in Banyalbufar

Sports Massage in Binissalem

Sports Massage in Búger

Sports Massage in Bunyola

Sports Massage in Calviá

Sports Massage in Campanet

Sports Massage in Campos

Sports Massage in Capdepera

Sports Massage in Consell

Sports Massage in Costitx

Sports Massage in Deyá

Sports Massage in Escorca

Sports Massage in Esporlas

Sports Massage in Estellencs

Sports Massage in Felanitx

Sports Massage in Fornalutx

Sports Massage in Inca

Sports Massage in Lloret de Vista Alegre

Sports Massage in Lloseta

Sports Massage in Llubí

Sports Massage in Llucmajor

Sports Massage in Manacor

Sports Massage in Mancor del Vall

Sports Massage in Maria de la Salud

Sports Massage in Marratxí

Sports Massage in Montuiri

Sports Massage in Muro

Sports Massage in Palma de Mallorca

Sports Massage in Petra

Sports Massage in Pollensa

Sports Massage in Porreras

Sports Massage in Sa Pobla

Sports Massage in Puigpunyent

Sports Massage in Ses Salines

Sports Massage in Sant Joan

Sports Massage in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

Sports Massage in Sencelles

Sports Massage in Santa Eugenia

Sports Massage in Santa Margarita

Sports Massage in Santa María del Camí

Sports Massage in Santanyí

Sports Massage in Selva

Sports Massage in Sineu

Sports Massage in Sóller

Sports Massage in Son Servera

Sports Massage in Valldemosa

Sports Massage in Villafranca de Bonany

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