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Therapeutic Chiromassage

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What is therapeutic chiromassage?
Therapeutic chiromassage is a natural therapy that consist  of the appication of different pressure, friction, vibration and percussion maneuvers that are appied throughout the body depending of the affected areas, mainly the arms, the legs and the back.
It begins with the application of a relaxing massage in the area to be massaged to achieve relaxation of the different muscle proups and then begin to locate h-shi points, painful nodules that will then be unblocked, so the energy will return to flow through our body as usally. 


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This manual massage technique, the Therapeutic Chiromassage, focuses on relieving muscle tension, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as promoting physical and mental relaxation. It is performed by applying different friction, kneading, percussion and stretching movements on the skin and muscle tissues. The main objective of this massage is to restore balance and harmony in the body, relieve muscle and joint pain, improve posture and facilitate recovery from injuries.

Its benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, increasing flexibility and mobility, improving sleep quality, as well as relieving pain, whether chronic or acute. Additionally, it can help in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, recovery after surgery or trauma, and in the management of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

In therapeutic chiromassage, in addition to manipulating muscle tissues, I use a diverse repertoire of techniques, adapted to the specific needs of each person, whether to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation or restore mobility. For me, chiromassage goes beyond the application of mechanical movements. It is an art that requires sensitivity and ability to perceive the subtleties of the human body. Through years of practice and ongoing training, I have refined my ability to identify tension patterns, trigger points, and postural imbalances.

Areas in which we provide our Therapeutic Chiromassage services at home*:

Chiromassage in Alaró

Chiromassage in Alcudia

Chiromassage in Algaida

Chiromassage in Andratx

Chiromassage in Ariany

Chiromassage in Artá

Chiromassage in Banyalbufar

Chiromassage in Binissalem

Chiromassage in Búger

Chiromassage in Bunyola

Chiromassage in Calviá

Chiromassage in Campanet

Chiromassage in Campos

Chiromassage in Capdepera

Chiromassage in Consell

Chiromassage in Costitx

Chiromassage in Deyá

Chiromassage in Escorca

Chiromassage in Esporlas

Chiromassage in Estellencs

Chiromassage in Felanitx

Chiromassage in Fornalutx

Chiromassage in Inca

Chiromassage in Lloret de Vista Alegre

Chiromassage in Lloseta

Chiromassage in Llubí

Chiromassage in Llucmajor

Chiromassage in Manacor

Chiromassage in Mancor del Vall

Chiromassage in Maria de la Salud

Chiromassage in Marratxí

Chiromassage in Montuiri

Chiromassage in Muro

Chiromassage in Palma de Mallorca

Chiromassage in Petra

Chiromassage in Pollensa

Chiromassage in Porreras

Chiromassage in Sa Pobla

Chiromassage in Puigpunyent

Chiromassage in Ses Salines

Chiromassage in Sant Joan

Chiromassage in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

Chiromassage in Sencelles

Chiromassage in Santa Eugenia

Chiromassage in Santa Margarita

Chiromassage in Santa María del Camí

Chiromassage in Santanyí

Chiromassage in Jungle

Chiromassage in Sineu

Chiromassage in Sóller

Chiromassage in Son Servera

Chiromassage in Valldemosa

Chiromassage in Villafranca de Bonany

 * When traveling to your home in Mallorca, a supplement of €30 will be charged for trips greater than 20 km from Palma.


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