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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Manual Lymphatic Drainage
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Lymphatic Drainage

In the body there are two large circulatory systems, the blood, pumped by the heart, and the lymphatic, which does not have a pumping organ as such.

The lymphatic system, spread throughout the body, will stop many of the wastes from cellular metabolisLymphatic Drainagem. The movement of these debris through the lymph is usually caused by the movement and pressure offered by the tissues and muscles adjacent to the lymphatic system by pushing it into the lymph nodes. Sometimes this movement is not enough and a stagnation of the lymph fluid occurs.

Manual lymphatic drainage manually stimulates this movement to promote lymph circulation to stimulate the removal of these wastes from the body. 

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 Gestionando Conflictos

I had tremendous pain in my back. And with acupuncture it has taken it away from me. He is a great professional.

 Ana Gallego

Delighted to have put me in your hands.

 Siddhi Rojas
Delighted with your service
 Ana Janer
A good therapist, many thanks for everything !!!