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Terapies at home for pets in Mallorca

At Kikai we are animal lovers. Acupuncture for pets in Mallorca, massages and lymphatic drainage for pets in Mallorca. A natural way to improve the quality of life of your pets at home

Natural therapies for animals in Mallorca

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Price €68.00

Veterinary acupuncture is based on the same principles as human acupuncture and is undoubtedly an alternative that can help animals alleviate or overcome some ailments. It consists of placing small needles at different specific points of the body of the animal to achieve a decrease in discomfort and an increase in endorphins, which usually entails a well-being effect. In Kikai we use it with dogs, although other animals can also benefit from this therapy.

Our Acupuncture services for animals are provided exclusively at home in Mallorca.

Structural Therapy for...

Price €170.00

Just like us, our pets accumulate a history of physical and emotional complications throughout their lives.

Structural Therapy favors the balance of the structure of the animal's body, helping the proper functioning of its nervous system and at the same time releasing its emotional burdens. This produces physical changes that improve the well-being of your pet and make coexistence between our animal and the living beings with which it interacts easier, whether these are other animals or its human family.