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Veterinary Acupuncture

Price €68.00

Veterinary acupuncture is based on the same principles as human acupuncture and is undoubtedly an alternative that can help animals alleviate or overcome some ailments. It consists of placing small needles at different specific points of the body of the animal to achieve a decrease in discomfort and an increase in endorphins, which usually entails a well-being effect. In Kikai we use it with dogs, although other animals can also benefit from this therapy.

Our Acupuncture services for animals are provided exclusively at home in Mallorca.


Price €48.00

Acupuncture in Mallorca

Acupuncture is an ancient, painless and safe practice that aims to rebalance the energy of the body by manipulating different points of the body. In this healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, very thin needles are used to stimulate specific points in the body. Most of these points are placed on lines called "meridians".

In Acupuncture the disease is not defined by symptoms or by the name of a disease, but by energy imbalances, using terms such as Yin insufficiency or excess heat in the lungs.

The Chinese terms YIN and YANG refer to opposite energies that complement each other, and the term QI or CHI refers to vital energy.

Aesthetic Acupuncture

Price €48.00

One of the most effective applications of acupuncture is precisely aesthetic acupuncture, also called cosmetic acupuncture

The skin recovers smoothness and luminosity in a few sessions thanks to the effect this technique produces on circulation in the applied area.

Anti Cellulite Massage

Price €48.00

Statistically cellulite, or accumulation of adipose nodules under the skin of some body areas, affects about 85% of the female population in Europe. There are several areas in which it can occur, the most common being the buttocks, abdomen or thighs. Specific massage in the affected areas usually provides an improvement in the circulation of the area by causing blood supply to be activated and favoring the reduction of fat nodules, although it is true that it should not be the only means to solve the problem, it should be helped by other therapies such as Cupping or acupuncture and an increase in water intake and supporting it with a proper diet and exercise.

Aticulum Therapy

Price €38.00

The Aticulum Therapy or Aticulumpuncture is undoubtedly one of the best known therapies for treating health imbalances through reflex points. It is a variant of acupuncture that focuses on the reflex areas of the body found in the atrial pavilions, treating the different reflex points of the ears by massage, pressure, the use of seeds or metal balls or needles (although this will depend on each case). It is a widely used therapy in cases of pain, addictions, stress and anxiety situations. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Price €48.00

Lymphatic Drainage

In the body there are two large circulatory systems, the blood, pumped by the heart, and the lymphatic, which does not have a pumping organ as such.

The lymphatic system, spread throughout the body, will stop many of the wastes from cellular metabolisLymphatic Drainagem. The movement of these debris through the lymph is usually caused by the movement and pressure offered by the tissues and muscles adjacent to the lymphatic system by pushing it into the lymph nodes. Sometimes this movement is not enough and a stagnation of the lymph fluid occurs.

Manual lymphatic drainage manually stimulates this movement to promote lymph circulation to stimulate the removal of these wastes from the body. 


Price €50.00

Reiki is a holistic, completely painless healing technique that channels universal energy to promote physical, mental, and emotional balance and well-being. Its many benefits include stress reduction, deep relaxation, pain relief, or strengthening the immune system.

We offer Reiki sessions both in office and at home or remotely.

Hot Stones Massage

Price €48.00

The busy life we have, the stress to which we submit daily makes it difficult for us to find a space to disconnect. Through the massage with hot volcanic stones at home you can now enjoy a typical Spa massage at home. Disconnect and enjoy a few moments of relax for you.

Hot stones will activate circulation aided by the stimulating aromatherapy of essential oils. 

Structural Therapy for...

Price €50.00

Just like us, our pets accumulate a history of physical and emotional complications throughout their lives.

Structural Therapy favors the balance of the structure of the animal's body, helping the proper functioning of its nervous system and at the same time releasing its emotional burdens. This produces physical changes that improve the well-being of your pet and make coexistence between our animal and the living beings with which it interacts easier, whether these are other animals or its human family.