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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Price €48.00

Lymphatic Drainage

In the body there are two large circulatory systems, the blood, pumped by the heart, and the lymphatic, which does not have a pumping organ as such.

The lymphatic system, spread throughout the body, will stop many of the wastes from cellular metabolisLymphatic Drainagem. The movement of these debris through the lymph is usually caused by the movement and pressure offered by the tissues and muscles adjacent to the lymphatic system by pushing it into the lymph nodes. Sometimes this movement is not enough and a stagnation of the lymph fluid occurs.

Manual lymphatic drainage manually stimulates this movement to promote lymph circulation to stimulate the removal of these wastes from the body. 

Hot Stones Massage

Price €48.00

The busy life we have, the stress to which we submit daily makes it difficult for us to find a space to disconnect. Through the massage with hot volcanic stones at home you can now enjoy a typical Spa massage at home. Disconnect and enjoy a few moments of relax for you.

Hot stones will activate circulation aided by the stimulating aromatherapy of essential oils. 

Therapeutic Chiromassage

Price €38.00
What is therapeutic chiromassage?
Therapeutic chiromassage is a natural therapy that consist  of the appication of different pressure, friction, vibration and percussion maneuvers that are appied throughout the body depending of the affected areas, mainly the arms, the legs and the back.
It begins with the application of a relaxing massage in the area to be massaged to achieve relaxation of the different muscle proups and then begin to locate h-shi points, painful nodules that will then be unblocked, so the energy will return to flow through our body as usally. 

EFT Técnica de...

Price €48.00

What is ETF Tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping is an acupuncture technique without needles, which thanks to the stimulation of certain points of the energy meridians that run through our body, enables the release of stagnant energy and facilitates that said energy flow to rebalance our body. The effectiveness of EFT was recognized in 1979 by the World Health Organization (WHO)

This technique is indicated to rebalance our body in any type of emotional discomfort, and is very effective in cases of anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, emotional pain, anger, guilt and addictions in General.

As it is a acupressure technique, it is completely painless.